Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jamuna sends a document

Jamuna returned to her seat fuming. Harsha lifted an eyebrow at her. Paro strolled to her desk and whispered, ‘loo break?’ They were offering solid support. It was their way of telling her, chill, it’s OK, aisa hota hai. She knew it. But she was not ready to share details with them. How could she tell them? She felt a fool.

Arre yaar
If that big boss in Singapore doesn't like the font style he can do control A and change it na?
What’s the big deal?
But no
Their own Hari Sadu was unwilling to see the logic of it.

‘Jamuna’, he had said leaning back into his revolving chair, ‘you are casual ... careless. And on top totally irresponsibal. You send document like this? Font is wrang, size is bigYour document looks like ...  are you shouting at him. How you send like this? 
But sir, what about the content? The analysis?
Did you see page 4? I have made tables for …
'Look Jamuna, you are almost 2 years old. See … when you joined? 2010? And you still send document…. Like this? I am sorry to say, you do not deserve to be this position at all.'
Her eyes glistened with tears. She whispered a sorry sir and fled blindly.

Choosing the right font
Is it fair? You tell me.
I always meet deadlines
I get the best graphics from the creative team and the animations are mind blowing.
But none of this is commented upon.
A mail I sent, detailing some of the best suggestions, gets flak not because the ideas are stupid
But because of a stupid font that I used!

We believe that a person who does one thing well, should do everything well.
The lady serves awesome lunch and we frown at her crumpled cushions.
A graceful dancer is expected to give a great speech too.
A good doctor is expected to be well mannered.
We take the essentials for granted - the good food, the sublime dancing and the perfect diagnosis.  
And we harp on the un-necessary details. How come?
Why is someone who is good at one thing, expected to be good at everything?
Are we putting them on pedestal? Or are we plain jealous?
Tell me please?

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