Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Children's Day

At one point of time I was the thinking-doing adult and I knew and interacted with a lot of children.
Today, most of the children I knew have children of their own. And I see that the children I knew have become fine thinking-doing adults.
I always had a stack of colourful books to jot down interesting lines from books, articles from magazines or random information.
today I have no books to dust.
At the click of the mouse ... change that to touch of a finger ... my laptop, my PC, my ipad brings me a world of information. So all I need to do now is bookmark the relevant pages! or send them into a personal cloud space! and the information is at my fingertips ... literally!
Does that change how and what we teach our children?
It does.
Help your child to learn to read. Private Schools in India have a loaded curriculum. Every book is a godsend. Help your child to master the skill of reading. When he is fifteen he will bless you for it.
Encourage your child to become familiar with the PC. That is the world he is growing into.
Take threat and bribe from your bag of child resources and throw them into the trash can. Find other means of getting the kid do what is correct. There are other ways. You may lose some hair (while you tear them out)... but there are!
Believe that he is the best behaved kid with a golden heart. And that is what he will be.

Listen to this wonderful speaker. Viktor Frankl suffered the concentration camp and lived to apply the wisdom acquired to help people face their psychological stresses. He has written a wonderful book - Man's search for meaning. You will find the online version of it here. 

And to you all
Happy Children's Day.

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  1. Very good post Ms. Ratna. Thank you very much
    for the links. very inspiring.


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