Saturday, November 3, 2012

Doing the dirty dishes

As a young kid going to school I was told to decide what I wanted to be:
a) The kind that washed dishes..... or
b) The kind that sat back with a cup of curd
for those who know kannada ... musare thikkteeyo? mosaru thinnteeyo?
So when it was exam time I was petrified of getting low marks and falling into category (a). All endeavour was towards the cup of curd.

Childhood fears carry with us to adulthood and shape our lives for us. So I avoided like plague the risk of falling into category (a) and chose to fill my life with activities, strongly denying that washing dishes had anything to do with my life. And of course there was always a maid who came in twice a day to promptly do the dishes. 

Now I am in the developed country of USA. 
gaadi hai (big cars)
bangla hai (big house)
branded clothes
cut veggies
loaded fridge
heavenly baked stuff
strong internet
on demand movies
and last but not the least
You get flowing hot water ... to do your dishes. 
But hey, I am not type (a) .... remember?

that is the fun of a developed country. You fall into both categories. (a) and (b). 
And suddenly I realize there are really no categories..... just people.... and tasks to be done.
And the wife in the house-hunters episode matter-of-factly says - doing the dishes is his job (pointing to her husband)
back in India ... we wouldnt have said it ... even if ...someone did find a husband 'who does the dishes'.

but hey ... I still do not like doing the dishes.


  1. Hi, I found your blog just by accident and find it very interesting to read. You write so well and make it so simple. The above post is an example. Enjoy your stay in
    the US and avoid washing dishes as you have the option of using dish washer.:)

  2. hi visitor. thank you. do keep reading.


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