Friday, November 9, 2012

Papaya, and Peach, and Melon,

and Carrot and Tangerine, ... and Pumpkin, and Bittersweet are some explicit shades of Orange.
New York is reeling under the second storm ... this time a snow storm. The snow flakes speak to me of Christmas time and love. But my uncle in Boston says "that is only the first time you see snow... after that it reminds you of spade and gloves and skidding!!"
Here in Lexington it is getting colder. The bright sunshine is misleading. The chill winds bring the outside temperatures down to 4 degrees C. The walk from the door to the car is a short one, but the kids are swathed in extra thick jackets. I wave them a 'Bye, Have a happy day'... from the balcony and make a cup of hot coffee for myself.
I walk into my room ... and
My room is bathed in orange glow. A large tree outside my window has turned into two-hundred shades between red and yellow. And the sunlight filters through the leaves bringing in colour and warmth.

Colour ORANGE triggers memories.
Of watching the Orange Disc as he sank - behind distant hills in the Western Ghats, or - within black rooftops in Orlean, or - into the watery horizon at Baga Beach, or - among a thick line of trees on a dusty village road
Of the Delhi sky in July that takes on a distinct shade of orange and pink for some unclear scientific reason
Of the waters of the Yosemite lake that reflected the rusty hues of the fall season last year.
Of the mounds of chameli flowers that are seen in festive season on the sidewalks of mayur vihar.
Of the thirst quenching pitchers of TANG made on a summer afternoon.
Of the line of kanakambara (crossandra) plants heavy with those magical small flowers at my uncle's house in Banashankari.
Of the oil wick lamps in the small cave temple
Of Neil Harbisson who listens to colour!

Orange is the colour of warmth, energy and hope
It is also the colour of renunciation and wisdom as in the saffron robes of saints.
perhaps energy warmth and hope are the stepping stones to wisdom and peace?

The wise internet tells me - if you want a change in energy levels you can light an orange candle for 7 days.
that surely is worth a try?
er.....if nothing it will keep up the energy levels of the orange candle market?

myriad hues between red and yellow



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