Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It is Christmas

Christmas is all about love and sharing and warmth and togetherness.
It is about the magic ... the magic of making a wish list ... and the magic of Santa granting wishes
I do wish and pray that the magic of Santa
the magic of hope and love
touches every one in your life.

If you are with your loved ones, sharing laughter and music, that is how it should be. Soak in the moment. It is yours.
If you are seeking warmth, and trying to be brave and happy, may more magic come your way, may you find the love and meaning you seek.

Yesterday evening
we did up the fireplace (yes, we have one!)
put some green leaves, sparkles and lights (I went nuts at walmart)
arranged the little plastic pine tree (with a shiny star on top too)
struggled to keep our crawling little one from grabbing at the lights
and at night ... like kids ... whispered to each other ... arranged Santa's gifts ... and clicked many pictures

My grandson is busy racing with the car that Santa gave him
Oh this is fun.
happy festive season to you all


  1. Happy Christmas to you too,
    And to Sanvi, Yash, Sourabh and Akhi

    Love Christmas season....
    We go around keeping gifts in stockings on our children's ward including the tiniest of the premies....
    Such excitement!!


  2. Merry Christmas!! Love the sparkle in the house!


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