Friday, December 20, 2013

How to Sleep Late and Get up Early

You can invent something or publish 4 books or climb up a sheer wall to considered wise and achieving. Or, You can just be an early riser! One universal symptom of being wise and motivated is Getting Up Early.

The moment someone tells you... Oh I get up at 5. I like going for early morning walks... There you have that inevitable Guilt Feeling rising up your throat and plonking on your shoulder. and you secretly Hate Them Early Risers...!!! just a little bit... just for a few moments...

What if you are a night owl? What if you like to read into the wee hours of the night? Or you just need those 10 hours of sleep? How then do you stake your claim to the 'wise and the worthy' title? I Googled. And found many pointers.

  • Sleep early to get up early
  • Turn on the lights as soon as you wake up
  • Keep the alarm clock / cell phone far away from your bed
  • Sign up for an early morning gym class

But be warned. Above methods are good. But mine are better...
If early rising is important to you follow my list here. This is bound to make you early riser in a jiffy.

  1. Have a maid who leans on your doorbell and half past six in the morning
  2. Have a cat in your neighbourhood that will drink up the packet of milk if you don't bring it in as soon as the milk-guy drops it off
  3. Keep a pet dog that wants to poop at 6
  4. Set the mechanical kitchen timer. It will not turn off till you go there and whack it.
  5. Have a baby and bring it up in the Indian grandma-pampered way.

I write in defense of Late Risers.
It is nice to be wise and worthy without feeling guilty!
The early bird gets the worm. But perhaps it gets the worm that is fuzzy and walks slow because it got up too early?

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