Monday, July 29, 2013

What we say

Picture this: Boss pulls on a stern face. Calls his staff. Tells them they slack work and spend too much time at the coffee place. He has doubled the targets, advanced the deadline, threatened to restructure. He ends with Got it. This Got it says help me guys, If I don't perform I may be forced to quit.

Picture this. The TV is on. The family is gathered in chairs and sofas. A favourite soap or a nice movie is the guest of honour. There's popcorn and pepsi and fries. And then a stunning one-liner, a sudden twist in the story, an amazing pun pops up. And you turn to a person in the gathering and ask -Got it? ... This Got it says 'Nice na' I am happy to share this moment with you.

Picture this: Mom is leaving for veggie shopping. She tells her ten year old. By the time I come back your room must be neat. Put everything back into place properly. Got it? ... This Got it says guests are coming tomorrow. If you don't do it I will have to!

Picture this: Teenager is leaving for a party. Mom says Come back before nine. Get someone to drop you home. Got it? ... This Got it says don't do drugs. don't be stupid. I will begin to breathe after you return.

Picture this: Batsman lofts the ball. The guy in first slip has his hand to it, almost, but it pops out. Fielder runs in from mid wicket and grabs it in time. Got it? ... This is the dream come true Got it we all want. Someone to pick up, straighten, pull the foot out of the mouth, apply balm, sort out... the mess we leave as we hurry through the day.

Picture this: He says ... the exploration for an immaculate marketing strategy lies essentially in the pursuance of the accessible and the evident. She says Got it. This Got it says aah, now I understand... or it says forget it dude, I will never figure that out.

Now tell me ... did you read the whole thing or did you read the first three lines and say ... uh uh Got it! This got it says ya ya ... sakamma ... ab bas bhi karo ... enough already!

We are at a happy place if only we get the 'Got ITs'
That's the difference between I know and ...... Do I know?


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  1. haha! co-incidentally I emailed "got it" to a co-worker today to tell i understood something! gave her a "thumbs up" got it!


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