Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Making it Big

A teacher, a banker, a psychiatrist and a mom get talking... We slurp up alugedde neeruli huli mixed with rice, crunch into sabudana appalams and lick a pointing finger of lemon pickle. We talk about retirement, about second beginnings and about our children. Like and Spike stories. and Inevitable...
A flash back into my staff room chatter and cell phone conversations ensues. Let me give you a peek into...

At first we thought it was marks. We applauded those in the exalted 90s and agonized over students who got less than 80. 85, 90 percent. What will become of you??? we wailed.
But they proved us wrong. Kids who did well for themselves were not necessarily in the exalted 90s, they had often been in the simmering 70s or the almost 60s.

And then we thought oh, maybe its not only marks after all.  So we though it is perhaps English. They were good at English you know.
But they proved us wrong. Kids who thought oversight was the past tense of oversee, kids whose eyes glazed after the first two lines of a word problem in maths, kids who had crisp textbooks and overused guidebooks, posted their amazing strides into the world of business. And offered JOBs to class toppers...

And then we thought oh its family backing. Papa has a nice business and kiddo takes it forward. Or maybe Papa finances a venture.
But they proved us wrong. Facebook updates show daring entrepreneurs, stomping boldly into fields untried by family, sometimes by anyone, and making great name for themselves.

And then we said Luck, we paused, and shook our heads and said, yes OK, Luck counts, but as they say... Fortune favours the brave. So is the last word then... Being Brave?
Being brave enough to dream
Being brave enough to acknowledge the dream.
Being brave enough to step out of line and follow the dream.
Being brave enough to stop and learn the skills required to move on.
Being brave enough to ask for help.
Being brave enough to express gratitude.
Being brave enough to shine when success is in hand.

Thank you Kids. For Being brave. For proving us wrong.
Psst. A feather in your cap, is always a feather in ours (teachers, moms, counselors,)
Here's to facebook
and to the updates.


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