Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Flowers Collage

About Something I had promised

I know
I know
You have been waiting for the rest of the flower pictures
and for the collage I promised
you haven't....
whaaaat? you dont remember I promised a collage
never mind...
Let me post it for you.

I specially like the branch against the cloudy sky.
The tree with pink flowers is right at the entrance. I should have gone outside and clicked it from the road. It looks best from there. But I dint do that...though I do claim to be a dont-care what-u-think type!!
The cluster of white flowers is in a discreet corner. You miss it if you are not looking for it.
Palm fruits hanging from a branch look so nice. I had to take a picture. Wish I had Sunlight shining over it.
Spiky red flowers line the walkway. They dont catch your eye. But then..many a flower is born to blush unseen...
As for the blue ipomea, they grow so rapidly and flower so profusely...a gardener's delight.

We talk about curves tomorrow
See...I knew you would like them.
We always KNOW what you want... But rarely know what WE want.
How come???


  1. Beautiful indeed!


  2. pretty flowers. feel like going on a treasure hunt in brigade to find these flowers!


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