Monday, June 20, 2011

Edward De Bono

The spacious well equipped library at Sri Aurobindo Memorial school introduced me to my first Bono Book. We left our footwear outside and stepped into the carpeted area.
Softly we slide open the book shelf door and reach for the prized book. A few chairs are available but most of us squat on the floor. Or sit and lean against the wooden cupboards. I have not heard of Edward De Bono. But the name of the book catches my attention.
Lateral Thinking.
Bono introduced me to the concept of Thinking.... not to solve problems...but to make life more interesting!!
Then I reached for
6 Thinking Hats
And I have often applied his theories and suggestions to make my everyday life more interesting. His concepts assist me in problem solving, in understanding perspectives, in making sense of people and in conversation.

I have been able to apply his concepts:
in Classrooms with students
at Home with family
at Office for project completion
for Painting, writing etc

Do invest in atleast one of his books. Each one opens new dimensions to the world around you.

At present I am reading one called
Think! Before it's too late.

I don't know why he has added that warning. I am about to discover. I plan to tell you more about the book later.

happy week


  1. yeah ok.. will buy... may be ... :)

  2. Hi Aunty! You made me think now. Since in the early days at job this book was mandated, I hated it. But now after reading this post i think i would have probably hated this because it was mandatory and someone was going to test my knowledge on this. Guess will give this a second chance :)


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