Monday, June 27, 2011

The yellow car

About a naughty yellow car

There is a nip in the air. Mornings in Bangalore are special.
Here at Brigade Vista I walk into the balcony to breathe the cool 6 am air. And a bright YELLOW CAR  interrupts its chat with the bike and winks at me. Today after the regular morning Hi to it, I wonder whose car it is??
I mean someone has invested in a bright YELLOW CAR…

a chatty yellow car

Maybe it takes a sporty young man (and his girl friend) to pubs and parties?
Perhaps it sparkles at an MNC courtyard dropping a lady to her plush office?
Could it sizzle with gossip as it hauls socialites to a kittie party?
Orrr… it shuttles a jeans-Grampa to the tennis court?
Does it whisper to the guy who washes it everyday?
And laugh with the kids who clamber into it?

I swear it winks at me……….
A YELLOW CAR can’t be a quiet staid regular guy…can it? It must be bold and different like the person who bought it


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