Friday, June 3, 2011

the grass is green and the rose is red up at 6.00 to turn off the alarm on my cell phone.
got out of bed at 6.15
zhhh...zzzhhh....brush etc done, light coffee heated for MIL, steaming tea brewed for us
some newspaper glancing
some grumbles at the political pranks
hot bath...for bangalore is pleasantly cool
chhoooin.....crisp doseis on the tava .... raw mango chatni on the side
clothes go into the washing machine. rhoiiin...rhoiiin...rhoiin goes the washing machine
wheeee.........the cooker whistles at me

predictable normal daily routine can be quite soothing...

and hey
thanks everyone for the suggestions. No, Ayn Rand is too heavy, but I am considering Chicken Soup. I called it chocolate chips...for all said and done
rogi bayasiddu halu-anna, vaidya heliddu halu-anna
I love going to the bookshop!!

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