Friday, June 10, 2011

It is amazing how many you find

About the smiles that flowers bring

It's amazing how many you find when you go looking for them.

It is dreamy and cloudy here in Bangalore.

The cool breeze makes you nostalgic or romantic...depends on how old you think you are...

We are playing a losing game of hide and seek with the Sun.

pink kanagle
He hides behind clouds and rarely shows up to call D-E-N!!

But yesterday he did! and I went down to to click some pictures of flowers that are blooming in the driveway to the apartment.
the red flower tree
We stay at Brigade Vista at Chikkalasandra, Bangalore.

white karankondla
I share some of the lovely ones with you.

O there are so many more. I will post a collage tomorrow

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  1. ajjis paintings come to mind immediately!!

    lovely pictures! :)


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