Thursday, October 6, 2011

After You....Please....Thankyou

About our trip to America

People here are so relaxed. We in India, on the other hand seem to be always in a tearing hurry.
While getting into a metro in delhi
while entering a theatre in a mall ... ticket in hand...places reserved!
while billing our purchases at a counter
while ordering masala dosas at a Darshini
we are in a frantic fear.
is this a fall out of generations brought up in a situation of........Early bird catches the worm...and others go hungry??
we are forever concerned that IT will be OVER and we will not get any.

That is not true here. Men and women wait, open doors and offer with a smile 'after you', at counters there is no rush of me first,
i do not see creases of stress on faces
How is that?

But the bloomberg magazine creates a dismal picture of pay-cuts, falling sale graphs, stock accumulation etc etc
so who is right? the happy faces? or the dismal stories?

I am reading this book called Night Train to Lisbon by Pascal Mercier. He says in it ...
Sometimes we are afraid of something because we are afraid of something else.

so when we fear that our place in the theater will be taken
when we rush into the lift
when we speak of falling wages
are we actually scared of something else???
after you......thank you



  1. in fact u feel relaxed urself looking at all the cheer around :)
    small town pleasures :)

  2. Come to London if you want to see some real stress!



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