Tuesday, October 4, 2011

books books and books

are you wondering why there are three books in the title?
well the first book is for the many savior kid books at home. The dal-rice just does not go in without some story reading. He has his favourites.
the story about the lady who swallowed a fly...i dont know why she swallowed a fly ! is the all time winner. Then there is one about george the monkey who learns to read. and one about a giraffe who wanders in search of his mom... I like this one. when he finds his mom at the end and gives him a hug...the person reading out the story gets a hug too!
and O yes... one with amazing white pop-ups with the story of Santaclaus.

book shop at lexington ky

We had been to Barnes and Nobles. The minute we entered Yash dashed to the back of the store where they have a running model of Thomas Engine!! An elderly gentleman who was deeply immersed in his book looked up to chuckle with our little boy.
This is the sprawling book shop of lexington...where you can Read Eat Sleep!!! It has rows and rows of books. Then there are 20 soft sofas that you can sink into, high chairs that you can prop yourself on and coffee tables. You can pick up a book, sit where you like, and read for as long as you want to, even sip a coffee or bite into some cookies while you read. The atmosphere was charged with the aura of book lovers. and mmmm i jus luvvved it. There were some knic-knacs with fancy prices....patel value?

collection of children books

And then we visited the City Central Library...only here they call it Lexington Public Library, and we go to their Eagle Creek Branch. An efficient place that provides books, they accept online reservations and fine you if you fail to pick up the books. they are that serious. audio files, reading counters/cubicles, categorised books, its all there. neat and tidy. the drop books counter is located conveniently on the outside so you can do just that...drop them. we picked ten books! there were movies too....and i spotted Dabanng right on top!


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