Thursday, October 20, 2011

Flashlights in the sky

About our trip to America
We are saying a soft bye to lexington ky as we fly off to San Jose tomorrow.
Yesterday evening we went out for a last walk. We decided to hop across the stones that marked the line between our apartment and the theatre complex called Carmac. The sky started to darken. Thick clouds gathered over our heads. And from the distance we heard deep rumbles.
There are no tall buildings, no towers hide the skyline. we can see the vast expanse of sky above us.
strong winds blow and we can actually see the thick clouds being pushed together. Sample drops warn us of the coming downpour.
My daughter makes frantic calls to tell us not to stir out as there is a storm-warning.
But we only laugh. I look up to catch a brilliant wavy line light up the sky. I keep looking and the clouds oblige. They keep up the dishum-dishum and keep up the white hot streaks.
I have never enjoyed a sight so fascinating. Such a vast expanse of sky. Such thick dark clouds. So much lightening. The white lines are wiggly, straight, curvy, flashy.

these are downtown lights from a moving car....much like the lightnings we saw!!!!!

I love it.
We risk getting wet. We risk being scolded. We walk in the rain to watch the lightning!

A soft goodbye lexington.
You gave us a wonderful stay here.


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