Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just dump it

About our trip to America

An idea you have been working on for some time now doesnt seem to click? just dump it.
What you had stocked in the shop doesnt sell? just dump it.
The sofa is old? just dump it.
This razor has a better grip?? OK i'll try it. The one you have been using? just dump it.

what makes the american psyche stand apart it their respect for new thinking.

It takes an Indian a lot of stamina to change his style. to accept a new product. to try the bizzaare. But no so here....... Here they believe that every idea is worth a try.
you have an idea for a book holder today?
find people who can make it....maybe in China?
you will find people who are ready to put their money in it.
you will find shops that are willing to display the new product.
you will find consumers who are willing to give it a shot.
the whole thing can happen in a month!!!
what's important is trying. Failure is not a crime. Failure is not condemned. Not trying is.

downtown Lexington Ky

i like this respect for individuality. respect for new thought.

what about all the NRIs who are here as a part of their Indian jobs. Is there a change in their mindset too?
do they respect independent thought too?
i must explore more and learn.

Can a country mould individual thought?
tell me what u think

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