Thursday, October 13, 2011


About our trip to America

Last Saturday we went to watch the horse races at Keeneland.
visions of elegant women in designer gowns and attention grabbing hats and dainty parasols come to mind as we load ourselves into the car and drive to Keeneland. Recall that scene in My Fair Lady..... as she screams her head off much to the shocked silence of the women around her.

this is the 75th  year of the races in Keeneland. The races are from Oct7 to 29.  they are all prepared for it. A very large parking lot accomodates the many cars that converge to this place. We see what's called tail-gating. Friends and family gather in large vans or trucks. drive to Keeneland. Park on the greens there. they bring along food and beer and have a good time... soaking in the atmosphere of the races. tailgate ... a new concept for me!

there are drive thru betting counters places outside for those who wish to only wager and not really mess with the crowd inside!

but we are here to see just that! so we go in. Wow what a variety we see! women in casual tees, women in stylish gowns, women in stunning spaghetti tops, women in killer heels keeping them on their toes!! and men is bow ties, men in flowery shirts, men in blazers and men carrying babies in nappies! men whooping at a grand win...couples celebrating with warm kiss

we looked into the race books, studied the horses that were to run in RACE 5, took out some precious dollars, and approached the betting counters confidently. The lady wished me good luck and printed out my wager for me. I stuffed that into my bag and hurried to the tracks. the race would begin in 3 minutes. Come on Horse 2. you got to win....
and yeah! it did.........wah what amazing what? i look at my daughter. how do i get the winning amount??
go win the race

thats when we realised..........we had studied the horses of RACE 5 and bet on 2...while the race going was RACE 4. !! Oh no! I pull out the printout from my bag.....

yehhhh! the lady has placed my wager for RACE 4!!!! so my mistake...has won me my first wager!!
after that we tried again
and again
and again......
i won my first wager..........i'll remember that!

aaah! The urge to make a fast buck!!

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