Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cinnamon in my coffee

What's the aroma?

My use of the flavour of cinnamon was limited to using it in Palyada-pudi ( Kannada Masala Powder), in Bisibelebath and in Vangibath. And that about summed up my use of Cinnamon.
This was in my before america days.... Now I am in the after phase!!
You get cinnamon flavour with almost every dish...Cinnamon has a sweetness to it. Yet it is a spice. So that kind of makes it Hot and Sweet! .......... mmmm yummy!
Don't camouflage its unique flavour with other spices. Use it as a Royal Single.
Plop some cinnamon powder into your morning oatsmeal, and some chunks of apple. .... heavenly!
We had waffles with dribbled honey and cinnamon sprinkle
And not to mention warm freshly baked  apple pie ..... cinnamon flavoured ofcourse!
And ooooo the irresistible walnut-cinnamon rolls 
or the cinnamon swirl raisin bread
And in Dunkin D instead of boring chocolate you must try  donuts coated with cinnamon-sugar.
Cinnamon with black coffee . Black coffee? I loved cinnamon with the milk-sugar - chocolate laced variety too.
And have you tried cinnamon with tea? You must!! What you do is: Drop a small stick into the water before it begins to boil. (add tea-milk-sugar...bring to boil.) Allow the brew to stand for 5 minutes before you pour in into cups to serve. Refreshing and healthful.

Back in Delhi
I tried it with sooji-halwa and it was good ...  (rava -kesaribath)
and with coconut burfi it was a success ... (kobri mithai)
Carrots or potatoes saute with butter, sprinkle cinnamon powder, mint and salt

spice rack
I now have a bottle of cinnamon occupying an important place in my spice rack.
Daal Cheeni, aur dalchini
tho hus padega man and jinni

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