Friday, December 30, 2011

A Gentle Reminder

Last night we sat through another parliament session. This time it was the Rajya sabha. Not that it was any different in tone, temperament and language and decibel level from the Lok sabha. Somehow i expected the upper house to be more ... upper??
Where has the gentleness gone?
to be gentle is not to be weak. in our minds we have put the two together. and wrongly so.
thus we react to all situations in a harsh tone.
you have not done the dishes - the lady says curtly to her husband in front of guests
is this what you call a report - the boss flings papers at his sheepish junior
100 rupees ... the auto driver scowls
what do you say to this Mr. so-and-so the news reader glares

At one time anger, shouting, and loss of cool were seen as weakness. The strong remained in control of their emotions.
but one day on TV, India saw Saurav Ganguly remove his shirt in a blatant display of rejoice.
and aggression became the happening attitude

I wish for us all in 2012
more gentleness
more love
and more freedom

Happy Friday, and happy Saturday
may you ring in the new year with people who love you

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