Monday, December 12, 2011

The Shadow Lines - Amitav Ghosh

Have you spent a day at a well attended family wedding. Where you move around and hear many anecdotes. Where you learn about some childhood prank of a stern uncle, of a serious relationship issue a cousin is going through, a play that someone attended and one that someone else missed?
And you come back refreshed and spent, with so many times buzzing about in your head??

Well, Amitav's Ghosh's book The Shadow Lines is like that. The narrator brings to life memories locked in the hearts of his grandmother, Tridib an uncle and Maya a girl he loves. The book is a delight. It takes me through the by-lanes of Calcutta, walks me across the neat streets of London and drops me into Dhaka.

I am waiting to share this book with a book lover.

Perfect weather, perfect surroundings, and a perfect book to read
Most of Lexington Ky is like this. Green and wide


  1. Am a big fan of Ghosh. It started with Glass Palace and he hasn't disappointed since. Read Hungry Tide yet? Aother classic. Will look for the book you mention when we're in India.


  2. Great site. I congratulate you on introducing food for minds. Please visit for more such issues.

  3. One of the best books I ever read!
    Covers so many themes, and mind blowing linkage of events over a huge time span.This book really needs attention.
    Amitav Ghosh is may be most lucid story writer of today's India.


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