Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Do your feelings match mine?

By now you must have gathered that I am a mini TV buff. Currently I am hooked on to a serial about Khushi (18) and Arnav (28). They remind me of the Mills & Boons of my teenage days. The tall curt hero rich and successful, the dainty but spirited heroine, and the inevitable third guy...!! I follow Khushi and Arnav as they play one up over each other and fall helplessly in love!

But yesterday
I am switching channels - JLT - just like that - I stop at a song sequence from the movie Fanaa. It is taken in Delhi at Qutb Minar. Now here is Kajol playing the blind girl and behind her are some of her 'college friends' dancing to the song among ornate pillars. To my utter surprise there is Khushi, dancing as an 'also there' in the background. I sit up and watch the girl with renewed respect. Strangely I just love the song more after that!

A thing takes a new dimension when we 'own' it. The song took on significance because a TV artist I have grown to love is in it. The song, the scenery the actors, nothing has changed. My perception has.

Our ability to accept a person/situation depends on one thing 'How much we make it our own'.
What others see as - difficulty - flaw - pain - we do not even comprehend it as such!

We do not love because
we Love
That's it.

and if others do not understand why?
don't let that bother you.
It is your heart that matters! Your perspective.

of course ... if it matches mine ... Good for you!

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