Saturday, June 4, 2011

What the Mom couldn't say

A distraught mom had brought her 12 year old to the parlour. - a confident young thing in short hair.

Her hair frames her face in fabulous wavy hair. The short bangs fall stylishly over her forehead and rest just above her long fluttering lashes!!
Distraught mom: Teacher at school says...use a hair clip. You cannot have hair falling over to your eyes.
The girl looks teary eyed at the 'parlour aunty'. I will never use a hair clip. I look like a kid...
Distraught mom: Can you cut it?
More teary eyed girl: Mom...I will look silly
The parlour Aunty....suggested a few solutions
comb it back
tuck it behind the ear
wear a clip
use a nice black hairband

The girl said No No NO for every suggestion.
I admire the Parlour Aunty
She put down her comb, placed her hands into her apron pocket and said firmly
Then leave school.
The girl was absolutely shocked.
The lady put it to her plainly....Look if you want to stay in school you follow the rules. Dont waste your time in such silly matters.

This sound advice came from a lady who made her living styling hair and improving looks!

The girl considered the suggestions seriously, accepted the hair band idea. Learnt how to wear it too.

Then the 'parlour Aunty' said, I will trim it just a cm. It will grow back in 20 days. Come every 20 days to get it trimmed. That way..... You look good...and Your teacher is happy.

Wah! I thought. Keen business sense. Straight thinking. And straight talk.
Maybe that's why this is a very popular parlour in 4th block Jayanagar.

Sometimes we Moms are too concerned about not hurting feelings and tie ourselves up in knots. Straight talking can simplify issues.
A guru round every corner.


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