Monday, July 4, 2011

Two times on the same day

I don't do this often
I can say I have never done it
it happened on Saturday
watched two movies back to back!!
Achu offered to buy tickets online and we went and watched Delhi-Belly....
Sh!t Happens is what they say...well prepared for the bold and brazen we four went and watched it. and really enjoyed it.
Jokes are fresh
Situations absurd
and dialogues HILARIOUS
Topic-bathroom is something all kids love, and adults use it to generate kid laughter. The movie is like that. You wrinkle your nose at the gross scenes but you dissolve into helpless laughter.
like they promised..its bold, its street humour, and story line is simple Tinkle stuff.
Watch it.

We had an awesome dinner at Yo China
We returned and watched READY!
that is awesome HILARIOUS too. I mean its a total Salman Khan film... with crazy one-liners, stunts and funny-fights. Asin provides the necessary support for this purely Salman Khan film.

O yes, this weekend was good. and we are happy to be back at home in Delhi.



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