Sunday, February 5, 2012

Narayana ninna namada

Have you heard this divine song composed by Purandara Dasa?
Narayana ninna namada smaraneya
saramrutavu enna naligege barali

O Lord, he pleads, may the sound of your name be on my lips and reverberate through my thoughts as I go through the simplest activities of life
may I think of you even as I sit, stand, walk, run, play, or even shiver with fever ... until my dying day!!
The composition has 7 verses but only 3 are generally taken for presentation by singers. One link I give you-
Smt MS Subbulakshmi
O you should listen to the way she goes narayaanaaaaa. it's like you can actually see Him. sends me to a totally different zone everytime i listen.
 I have not heard a Hindustani version of this composition. If you know of any, please do share.
and yes, my humble attempt to depict this on paper. I associate with Lord Krishna ... navilugari (peacock feather), bamboo flute, peepal tree and a flowing dupatta.

Narayana ninna - peepal tree, peacock feather and flute

Ask ME for one-thing with single minded devotion and I will say tatastu (so let it be) ........
ah OK..... but only one thing at a time.......hegappa?

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  1. Aunty! you do it so well! I shud have learnt painting from you on in Usha's :)

    hmmm..May be when u come back to b'lore next time!


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