Friday, August 24, 2012

Rear right turn signal is blinking

A blinking rear right turn signal in the car in front of you is a commitment. This means the car turns right.
cars on the road

Commitment and Conviction - A commitment is a decision expressed today, that promises action in the future. A commitment ensures predictability. A conviction is an unshakable belief in something without need for proof. An opinion.

All is fine when commitment made and conviction held, lead me down the same path. But with me, sometimes commitment says aage se right and conviction says aage se left. Does that happen with you too? Imagine this:

  • You buy matinee tickets but later learn that the movie is a yawn or maybe a gory horror. 
  • You offer to drive your aunt to her cousin's house but later you suspect there is a problem with your car.
  • You have paid for a course in accountancy but half way through you realize that accountancy is not your calling.

Should you go ahead and complete what you began? Or should you break that commitment made? Should you suffer 3 hours of the movie just because money has been spent on it? I think it is OK to opt out and do 'something else' as long as there is a definite 'something else' lined up. Only opting out should not result in inaction.
Go ahead and waste that movie ticket if you choose instead to take your kids to the zoo.
Go ahead and cancel that drive with aunt if you can rent her favourite movie and watch it with her.
Go ahead and discontinue that course if you know what you wish to learn instead....and learn that.

But do keep a tab on how often the tail lights of your car blink right turn ... and you turn left!

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