Friday, September 14, 2012


Two types of brackets that we frequently see is
parentheses - He is a student (or so he says) of History.
square brackets - He is a student of history [American].

When you read the words contained in the first one, your voice drops to a whisper. This is almost like as aside. A secret. An after-thought. A naughty explanation.
When you read the words contained in the square brackets your voice is strong. It is an important explanatory information added while quoting a statement.

Your dream for yourself....

  • is it in parentheses? a whisper? an aside? a secret?
  • or is it in square brackets? strong? explanatory? real?
Where we go all depends on how confident we are of our dreams.
I like this line... that I borrow from Beth
Be yourself everyone else is taken



  1. Wow
    Lovely lesson of the day


  2. second that Divya!

    when i saw brackets as the title - i only thought of basketball!! (u have to be here to know why!!) :) (u can be sure i will explain in detail when i call u next time)


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