Thursday, September 6, 2012

The subject line

When I am writing official emails it is so easy to fill in that space reserved for subject.
Project BG2/44 or Science Today bk 3
and i'm done
The problem begins when I am writing a friendly hi-how-are-you email.
i take 2 minutes to write the mail, half a second to fill in the email ID
and then i hover over the subject line
shall i just write hi or hello
naa that looks so like a spam mail
shall i say september
whaat ... like i write only one mail every month??
maybe i will say, onam wish
that gives it away... right? the entire mail is all about that anyway

It's like rearranging the wardrobe and agonizing over where to keep the hankies.
It's like doing the gift wrapping and agonizing over where to stick the card.
Little things take up bigger space?
Do you think this also fits into the eighty twenty rule? 80% of the writing is done in 20% of the time?
or have i got it all wrong?


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  1. one more - selected my outfit today in a minute and then pondered over which scarf!
    but the 20% (on which you spend 80% of the time) might make 80% of the impression!! :) :) so all worth it!


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