Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Can I be small again?

I notice there are two word documents in my folder for BP School Assignments. One called Tuli and the other called Tuli(1).
Aah! I say to myself. This is a copy. I select it and click on the delete button.
Zuuup. The file is gone.
Hey! I cry. kind of groping into the air above the keyboard. That is not fair. You are supposed to ask me 'are you sure you want to delete 1 file?'
I am to click on 'yes'
AND then it is to go zuuup. Not before that.....!
Oooph I grumble. This new laptop and its settings!!!

And then I google for a solution. I want to put back the 'Are you sure you want to delete 1 file?' button.

Then they tell me. 'You click on delete. Surely you mean delete? Why would I doubt your intentions'....asks windows. Windows is treating me like an adult.
So I decide to grow up.
Ok. fine. accepted. I click on delete...and you go zuuup.

We are not ready to grow up until someone tells us that we got to. We remain kids
we sulk
we crave praise
we put off planning
we pretend we are busy
we search for excuses
and we complain

There comes a time when you just grow up.....Or do you?

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