Friday, December 19, 2008

2 poems …….For the Child in You

Lunch Time for Hippo
Said Hippo to his mother
‘I can’t eat anymore.
I’ve had carrots and beans and
all the cabbage in the store

…two baskets of nuts
and some corn in a bin.’
‘Eat some more’, said mother
‘You are really very thin!!’

Talking to Grandpa

Grandpa! O! Grandpa!
Will you come with me?
To run and jump
And climb the tallest tree?

Grandpa! O! Grandpa!
Will you teach me how?
To dive and swim
And a little boat, row?

Grandpa! O! Grandpa!
Will you show me please?
How to ski and surf
And fly a kite in the breeze?

Grandpa! O! Grandpa!
I love playing with you
You stand on your head
Making me dizzy too!



  1. Mam,
    I think you must have thought about me and my mother while writing this.

  2. hahaha, illa nandu, nimma amma, yeshtu ruchi ruchiyada adigey maadthaarey!
    moreover...neenu hippo mari anthu alla!!


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