Monday, November 8, 2010

Signboards on the Road


Signboards are good. There were people, who looked at stars and at the length of shadows and or held a wet finger to the wind and decided upon the direction to move in.

Me, I like sign posts.
Signboards are loud and clear. No ambiguity. No guessing. A Sign post simply shows the way.
Signboards show you your options, allowing you to choose without ill feelings on either side.
Would life be simpler with signboards?
• This guy is only passing time…not really serious
• This share is already on the way down…do not invest
• The salad stinks, order for sandwich instead

Speaking Tree  in TOI tells us we have inbuilt signboards. Our inner mind does show the way. We have to stop cruising, read the signpost and heed its wordings.
Ofcourse it would not concern itself with stinky salads.....but that is besides the point.

But do we like signboards?
Do you think we would read such signboards even if they were actually staring us in the face?
Or would we say
Look I know better
You know what…..I think the signboard should face this way!

Believe me, we have done that with real, hard wood signboards on the road too.
'No need to peer at those dumb things
I have driven to Cafe Biswas so many times
I know you need to turn right here
after 20 minutes
I am sure Choomantar Street was somewhere here.........when did it shift?!'

Would you like to try another flight? How about this one?

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