Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I am fine, till I brag

About what i do in the gym
Switch on the TV and surf. Someone is walking into a gym or talking about it. Shower gel and cellphone ads feature gyms, kids brag about it, film stars swear by it, and my knee doctor urges me to try it. But I have resolutely stayed clear of the gym. I can think of many things I can do with the unbelievable fees they charge.
10 days back…all this changed.
Here in this apartment (where we are staying for a month) gym is free. So I venture into it. Now what? I stare around helplessly. I don’t know how these things work!
Uncle comes to my rescue. He tugs at the pulley, races on the static cycle, twists on the lazy-susan….and lifts weights. If he can, I can…I think….you see I have an advantage of two decades.

I tug at the pulley….errrr can we make this thing lighter?
I ride on the cycle……wheee this is fun. Uncle comes by and turns the knob….the tension was at zero! Now I puff along for a few minutes and say au revoir. Will come back! The French say O-Hu-Vvaa … I really don’t know why! I generally say that...when a kid with a basket of jasmine strings comes to my car window at 4th block.
Comeback I did. To the gym that is...And how!
I now cycle for FIFTEEN minutes. I pull the pulley FIFTEEN times. I twist and turn till my sides hurt.

Hey. I did it. Ain’t I cool? I have to brag about it. So over lunch with friends I casually mention between bites of rice-rajma, I have started going to the gym. Nanda tells me. I also go. My trainer is very nice.

Ya? I ask…munch-munch…what do you do? Munch-munch
We have a warm up session. Then 15 minutes of gym.
That’s all? I think feeling quite proud of myself. I ask her, What is warm up?
TEN minutes on the treadmill, FIFTEEN minutes on the cycle and TWENTY push-ups she tells me.

Time to change the topic
How do you make a line shorter without rubbing it, touching it or hiding it?


  1. good job amma! wish i would some day make the long walk to cross the street in front of me to the gym on the other side of the road!! (i go there only to eat at parties!!!)

  2. This is funny! London's underground, 4th floor flats that don't come with a lift can also replace the gym - at least, that's what I tell myself!


  3. Hey! Ratna, i never knew our 1 line conversion with munch... munch... will turn to a story... nice one

  4. hehheehhe.. terrific aunty! and here i hang my head in shame after reading this. i am getting inspired and rushing out rrrright now this very moment. :)


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