Monday, June 13, 2011

The water bearer - loves change

About things constant, and things that change

Year 1965
You cannot step twice into the same riverThese lines played in my young mind as I returned home after school. How is it possible? I thought? That evening Anna (my father) took us to the beach. This was a weekly ritual we always went to the beach on Wednesdays. I told myself, Heraclitus is silly, see I can step into the same sea again and again.
Nature is wont to hide itself... Not all is as unchanging as it seems. We are spinning even while we sit still…. Aren’t we? My doctor tells me that in 7 years every part of the body has replaced itself. And we never realise do we? We think new thoughts and adapt strange ways. Until after some time, the strangeness wears off. Old habits are replaced by new ones. In effect... we have changed, haven’t we?

Nothing endures but change... Why then must I assume that my daughters who hate upittu when I make it…should hate it too when we go visiting others?
Why then must I assume that Srini who enjoyed loud humour and noisy banter will continue to do so after 3 years?
Or that Veena will always be super woman
Or that Pradeep will always have nuts on his ice-cream
Or that Chiru will always be serious and strict

Everything flows, nothing stands still... And while we live out our moments, while we make new habits we build our character.

And Character is destiny... AND DO YOU KNOW who said all this? Heraclitus said it way back … he lived 535 BC to 475 BC
and they tell me….nothing endures but change.
What he said THEN is true NOW!!! What change??

The inspiration for this blog and this painting came from Anu

thank you anu
Confused me…. they knew when Christ would be born??


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