Saturday, June 11, 2011

What can you let yourself off the hook for

Every woman in India – except one – thinks that the saree must mirror the blouse. Generally a blue saree goes with a blue blouse and a red S with a red B.
Now I for one do not subscribe to this. I …
Match orange saree with a dark green blouse,
Or purple with a blue – even if it has no dots almost the same colour.

My friends, family, neighbours, the lady who sits next to me in the metro, plus one, … all tell me, ’the blouse doesn’t match.’ So finally after years of battling against the current, I decide to wear what others consider matching. Now look at the hazards
I need to locate both…blue saree and blue blouse
Ensure both are washed
and ironed
And finally it needs to match the occasion
and the weather

But guess what. The industry has caught up with me. I bought a coffee-coloured saree and found yellow material as the attached blouse!
So that is what I let myself off the hook for
I match blouse and saree as I please….thank you
This bottle green goes with the beige saree……..I swear it does.

You think I should switch to jeans??


  1. There are at least two of you in India, speak with my mom! Pay no attention to people who have nothing better to do than comment on people's blouses and sarees - or maybe ask them to get a life! viva la difference?!


  2. yes, yes, you should switch to jeans :) it goes well with your modern thinking, openness and not-saying-no-to-anything (no-negativity) attitude anyway! :)


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