Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Glacier Point, Yosemite

Have you watched the spectacular play of lights on the half dome and the other peaks from glacier point?
Well we did. And what a show it was!
The orange glow of the setting sun lit up different ridges and lines and faces on the rock faces and we got to enjoy a spectrum of images.
It was like a laser show. it was ten minutes of breathtaking performance. We were really lucky as the sky was clear with no mist or cloud.
When the sun had set the sky was in varying shades of crimson-orange while the rocks reverted to a prosaic grey.
Well, they seemed to say...your turn now!
Glacier point is easily reached by car on the Yosemite.
Wah ... Kya scene hai

To be rock solid, to shine in the glow of the setting sun. I am grateful to know a few who have lived life like that.


  1. waaaaaooooooww!!!! It had been ages since I visited your blogsite!
    My, I enjoyed every read. The one I like the most 'getting ready to fly over atlantc' story...The feelings are so real and so easily identified with..

    Love you for your creativity, for your childlike enthusiasm...

    Warm hugs and Best Wishes

  2. Hi Divya, warm hugs to u too. And yes, I am loving it!


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