Friday, September 7, 2012

What next

Varun is five. He is a sharp and happy kid. He came home with his parents. After a noisy oh so cute. Is this your son? How big he has grown. Come Come. Please sit down. Madan, I think we are meeting for the first time na? Please sit down. etc. etc.
Anita took out a large notepad and some crayons from her bag. Here Varun, colour this dear. She said.
Varun is busy with colours while we catch up on 3 years.
Varun is back. Mama, colouring over. What shall I do now?
Anita fishes out a jigzaw from her bag. Varun's eyes light up. Mickey! he says. and goes about solving the puzzle with single minded concentration.
A tray loaded with special eats settles on the centre table. Varun polishes off two homemade cookies and looks at Anita. Now what? He asks.
Anita fetches two small cars from her bag. (Wow for Anita!! )
Varun takes them and zooms around the hall.
But for how long? Soon he tires and comes back. ... What next?
I kind of lose my patience. Anita has been so thoughtful. Has brought so much entertainment. Time for Varun to reciprocate. Right?
So I tell him a tide firmly - Varun, toys all done. Just play by yourself OK?
Varun looks at Anita. Mama can I do that? Can I just play?
Anita is surprised. Yes Varun. Play.
Varun is happy to explore our stairway, he peers at our picture panel, he goes into our small garden space.
Anita is worried. Is he OK? Is he bored?

Sometimes it is good to be bored. It makes us more creative.
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  1. dint they have an ipad? :) :) :)

    1. yeah...
      an iphone/ipad would have been enough to keep him quiet for all day long


  2. when he is bored he explores the virtual world?? or u dont want him to get bored?

  3. hmmm......
    It is so nice to explore the REAL world (I think)
    If boredom leads to drowning oneself in virtual wrld maze, I would prefer not be bored (Or so I think)

    Should I feel "wow" about V's mother's thoughtful organisational skills OR should I feel, why not leave V be to himself.....
    I have tried both with A as well as ipad/phone.....
    For me, it all depends on where I am and what I have been there for, if I am ready to "let go" & stop being a control freak.....

    It has been quite insighful

    Dee Gee


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