Monday, December 13, 2010

What is your complaint?

Aaaah it feels so nice again to be able to complain about
the metro woes
the potholes on the roads
the oneways
the hugging the auto bar for dear life as he veers round a bus
the autos that run faster than even thought!
the many many social events that we 'need' to attend
hospitable hosts who kill you with love and over feeding
relatives who have done or not done something
the over expressive kannada film songs
the crowd in hotels on weekends

aaah its good to have things to complain about.

If you are in India you will know Nitish Kumar and Bihar.
there was this line in the papers
that in bihar, where there were no roads, now there are potholes.

So when people complain about implies there are roads
when u complain about a bad implies u have a nice job
when u complain about the erratic driving on implies u drive and move in your own vehicle

what u complain about...tells a lot about u.
doesn't it?


  1. yea thats true!! will think about this the next time i complain!

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