Thursday, March 3, 2011

How to get RID of Cockroaches

About the magic of finding solutions

Chilling scams, Hot Hollywood babes, Saucy political comments, Juicy film gossip, Sweet Sales info, Crisp trade analysis, Cool gadget gyan, disasters that Shock and editorials that Tease…
We love our newspapers. Don’t we?

Cockroaches like newspapers too! No … Not for all the above reasons but for the printing ink. Slurrrp!

Nauseating sprays, rangoli patterns with special chalk, tablets in strategic places are futile if you spread out a sumptuous dinner on every shelf. The newspaper sheet you line your shelf with is sumptuous dinner for the cockroach.

No newspapers line kitchen shelves and hey, the cockroaches disappear.
No magic here. Actually they just stop coming. No food no visit.

Most often we entangle ourselves with symptoms. Just remove the cause and symptoms go away … like magic. Getting to the cause…yes, that is magic.

Now performing thaaat a habit we can adopt?

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  1. bet u dint expect a response this quickly!
    yup! RCA is important!! (root cause analysis!!!) (nerd speak)


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